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Conflict Friend or Foe

There are two types of people in the world, those who seek conflict and those who avoid it. Which one do you lean toward?

Growing up, I was taught to be nice to everyone and when I first began my spiritual journey, I thought that was the goal. But in reality, we are a species that is in constant interaction will one another. Sometimes issues arise that often have a sour taste to them, or a not so positive outcome.

Make Your Dreams Come True

The most important thing about dream building, is actually having one…

Is there a dream that you’ve always had but haven’t given yourself permission to tend to it? Now is the year for you to give that dream the attention it deserves.

We’re all busy these days, and as a result, you may notice yourself so pre-occupied with daily tasks that your inner visions of the future drop down the ‘to do’ list and don’t receive the time they deserve. A few years pass by and you’re doing the same old thing and wondering where the time went.

Celebrating Ten Years

One day a little boy and his mom were invited to attend a Sunday service at a nearby church. The mother was hesitant, as she’d learned how other people treat those on assisted living.  Nonetheless they attended anyway and to their surprise, were warmly received by the community.

The next morning, the young boy woke up early and quickly got himself ready for his day. When he began to put his coat and boots on, his mother asked, “Sweetie, where are you going?”  The boy replied, “Oh I’m off to church.”

The Joy of ancestral connections

Sometimes when we’re in need of a little TLC and call out for help, the source of support can come in surprising ways. 
Faced with multiple family illnesses, Blair has been dealing with the typical challenges of preparing for the passing of a close family member. Last week he went looking for a particular book in hopes of finding an answer to a question in his heart, when he stumbled upon another one that provided the deeply meaningful guidance he was seeking.

Remembering Joy

Last week Blair and I went to Toronto for the Women of Influence Awards Gala. Having not had a trip away together, children free, for over seven years, I found myself sliding back into the carefree woman I was before assuming the huge responsibility of parenthood. I ate wheat, sugar and dairy. I ignored emails, wore heels and drank some wine. What’s most memorable though is how much I laughed, mainly at Blair. 

Surprised By Beauty

"In order to become attentive to beauty, we need to rediscover the art of reverence. A sense of reverence includes the recognition that one is always in the presence of the sacred. To live with reverence is to live without judgment, prejudice and consumerism. The consumerist heart becomes empty and lonesome because it has squandered reverence. Reverence opens pathways for beauty to surprise us.”

John O’Donohue, Beauty

The conscious warrior


Two years ago today I began writing this blog with the intention of inspiring people to assume their ultimate responsibility for being a force of love and goodness in the world. I don’t use the word responsibility to ignite a negative sense of obligation. I use it to remind you of why you’re here, which is to follow in the footsteps of those gone by who devoted their lives to building a better world.  

Expand your light...

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and burnt out by the negativity of the world? It's not hard these days, but you can’t give up, because the world needs people like you.

The spooky facts on sugar...

Hallelujah—my 12 day Wild Rose Cleanse is complete for another season. It usually takes about three days for the all-consuming carb and chocolate cravings to subside. Until then, my moods swing from being agitated to cranky. I have even been known to sneak my children’s zylitol-sweetened vitamins for ‘dessert’! 

A door opens...

“The moment you accept what troubles you’ve been given, the door will open.” Rumi


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